Terbium theranostics:

Introducing the first commercially available Terbium-161 !


Founded in 2021, TerThera strives to meet the growing global demand for radionuclides in cancer healthcare by providing a highly sustainable and uninterrupted supply of Terbium-161 for use in radioligand therapy. 


Our product

Terbium-161 produced at the highest radiochemical grade under non-GMP conditions, available in 0.05M HCl Solution. 

Current intended use: not for direct administration to humans.


Latest news

15-JUN-2023 TerThera and SCK CEN will further build towards a sustainable and uninterrupted supply of Terbium-161 together meeting the increasing demand in cancer healthcare and ultimately helping cancer patients globally. 


Radiation Safety

Using PSMA and SST analogues, Terbium-161 has shown excellent bioequivalence presenting a biodistribution comparable to the currently used radiolanthanides. Additionally, the 16-fold increase in Auger and conversion electrons is expected to improve the cellular absorbed dose


Radioligand Therapy

Terbium-161, compared to current standard radiolanthanides, provides for an immediate decrease in dose rate allowing a significant improvement in general radiation safety. This optimization of radiation safety may extend current treatment room capacity for Radioligand Therapy.



Allowing optimization of the SPECT reconstruction parameters, Terbium-161 may provide for higher spatial resolution SPECT imaging, leading to the detection of smaller lesions that provides input for a further optimized treatment plan.


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