Head of Supply Chain Predrag Joldic now one year in service of TerThera

 07-MAR-2024 Challenge me, he said, when asked if Predrag Joldic could organize the global shipments for TerThera.


Now, one year in the lead of the supply chain for TerThera b.v., Predrag recently introduced the ability for our own transport to make the system even more resilient and thus maintaining the uninterrupted supply of Terbium-161. And timing couldn't have been better with the increasing demand! 


New Pilot Study shows highest potential for Terbium-161 in Radioligand Therapy

 01-MAR-2024 A head-to-head pilot study investigates the efficacy of two comparable radionuclides, #Terbium161 and #Lutetium177, for PSMA targeted radioligand therapy (RLT) indicating #Tb161 as a promising radionuclide for PSMA-RLT in metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC).


[161Tb]Tb-PSMA-617 radioligand therapy in patients with mCRPC: preliminary dosimetry results and intra-individual head-to-head comparison to [177Lu]Lu-PSMA-617 (

TerThera and NTP Radioisotopes SOC Ltd, both leading manufacturers, join forces!

 08-FEB-2024 TerThera and NTP Radioisotopes SOC Ltd, both leading manufacturers, join forces to revolutionize cancer therapy. Announcing our exclusive distribution agreement for Terbium-161 (Tb-161) in South Africa and select African countries. NTP proudly collaborates with TerThera, the innovative manufacturer, advancing cancer treatments across our continent. 


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TerThera b.v. and Comecer have agreed on the purchase of  production line.

 30-JAN-2024 TerThera and Comecer have agreed on the purchase of a complete custom production line for manufacturing Terbium-161 under the highest quality standards. This is an exciting opportunity for Comecer to have a major impact on increasing the availability of Terbium-161, a radionuclide with a major potential for cancer treatments. 

Theoretical dosimetry study nods towards Terbium-161 as a substitute in Targeted Radionuclide Therapy

Announcement of the addition of our newest team member, Rene Charan!

 01-NOV-2023 Bringing extensive experience from his GMP production background to the table, Rene will lead projects to optimize and expand the production capacity. “With much excitement I’m embracing a new challenge at Terthera, a company that has swiftly introduced a groundbreaking radionuclide to the market. Together, we will reach new heights and witness significant advancements in cancer healthcare,” said Rene, Project Manager at TerThera b.v.

Introduction of Terbium-161 into Türkiye, Bulgaria and Azerbaijan.

 02-OCT-2023 EDH Nükleer Tıp & Sağlık Hizmetleri (“EDH”), a trailblazer in the domain of radiopharmacy and nuclear medicine,and TerThera BV are pleased to announce the signing of an exclusive distribution agreement for the regions Türkiye, Bulgaria and Azerbaijan. Not only will EDH further increase their efforts to make Terbium-161 widely available in each region but will greatly support in the generation of dire needed clinical evidence for the application of Terbium-161 for RLT that will be shared in time with the global community of the Nuclear Medicine.


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Please give a warm welcome to our newest member, Rachid El Khoulati!

 06-OCT-2023 Rachid will be kicking off a series of projects to expand the Terbium-161 platform, seeing to the highest level of quality and ensuring the global availability of Terbium-161. “To be standing at the very beginning of the introduction of such novel radionuclide, with the sole aim of improving cancer healthcare, is both a huge challenge and an unique opportunity,” said Rachid, Project Manager at TerThera b.v.

TerThera is present at the 36th annual congress of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM) in Vienna this year.                                                                                                                  Join us at our booth, from September 9th to 13th, to meet the team!

TerThera b.v. and Radiopharm Theranostics expanded their agreement!

 24-AUG-2023 Tb-161 isotope will be linked to a proprietary monoclonal antibody (mAb) to form RAD 402, a radiotherapeutic being developed by our team to target KLK3 expression. KLK3 is highly expressed in prostate cancer cells but has limited expression in healthy tissue. We will initiate a Phase I dose escalating trial evaluating the safety and efficacy of RAD 402 in patients with advanced prostate cancer, during the second half of 2024.

2924-02701697-2A1468675 (

Agreement with Solumedics to supply Terbium-161 to Switserland and Austria


12-JUL-2023 With the first dose Terbium-161 already delivered to Switzerland, we're pleased to announce that TerThera b.v. and Solumedics signed a distribution agreement for the region of Switzerland, Austria and Serbia.  

TerThera b.v. and SCK CEN signed an agreement to join forces against cancer!


15-JUN-2023 As Terbium-161 is considered as one of the most promising therapeutic radionuclides of the future, and as early research suggests having a higher anti-tumor capability for both primary and metastasized cancers, we will further build towards a sustainable and uninterrupted supply of Terbium-161 together meeting the increasing demand in cancer healthcare and ultimately helping cancer patients globally. 

The Netherlands and Belgium stand shoulder to shoulder against cancer | SCK CEN 

Agreement with Radiopharm Theranostics to supply Terbium-161


17-APR-2023 We are proud to announce our new partnership with Radiopharm Theranostics to help enable the development of a new generation of therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals with the supply of #Terbium161!

Radiopharm Theranostics Enters into Supply Agreement with Terthera for Terbium-161 Isotope (


NRG and TerThera signed an irradiation agreement for Terbium-161


20-MAR-2023 We've reached the next milestone! With the shared effort of NRG and TerThera, a sustainable and uninterrupted supply of Terbium-161 is secured to meet the growing demand in cancer healthcare.


NRG and TerThera signed an irradiation agreement to ensure the continuous supply of Terbium-161. | LinkedIn


First-in-human SPECT/CT Imaging using Tb-161


15-FEB-2023 First-in-human SPECT/CT Imaging using Tb-161 PSMA has been published confirming the ability to visualize previously identified lesions and providing for new insights in the application of Terbium-161! Reference Al-Ibraheem et al.


The first case report application of Terbium-161 PSMA

13-FEB-2023 The first case report on the application of Terbium-161 PSMA has been published with a promising observation on the therapeutic value of the treatment of disseminated metastatic disease using Terbium-161 for Radioligand Therapy (RLT). A single cycle, 6.5GBq Tb-161 PSMA RLT, showed an impressive decrease in PSA level (-53%) in one heavily pre-treated patient with highly advanced metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer. PET/CT confirmed the significant decrease in tumor burden visualizing the partial remission. Reference Rosar et al 

Merry Christmas!


22-DEC-2022 This week we supplied our customers once again with high doses of Terbium-161 including a single order of 58GBq at pre-cal. Meaning, we can successfully close this year and look back on a beautiful operational start of TerThera BV earlier in August! We will continue to build the Terbium-161 platform in 2023 to meet the increasing demand to support preclinical and clinical initiatives.


Many thanks to the dedicated production team and to our greatest partners that allowed such a great start this year! To our community, we wish you all a great time with family and loved ones. Merry Christmas!


Provided the highest activity Terbium-161!



22-NOV-2022 We are proud to share that we once again were able to provide the highest activity Terbium161 (42GBq) to Saarland University Homburg. And from now on packaged in our new type A box model!

Terbium-161 update


17-NOV-2022 Continuing our Terbium-161 production, we are ready to ship the next batch to our customers in Europe!

See you all next year in Vienna!


25-OCT-2022 Now with the dust settled we are looking back at a most successful European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM) Congress. As a start-up company we are genuinely grateful and proud to have shared our story and thoughts on Terbium161 with so many peers.



Thank you to all the attendees and we hope to meet once again during the next annual EANM congess in Vienna! In the meantime, look out for our next milestones where we will be ramping up our current Terbium161 production!

EANM '22 Barcelona


17-OCT-2022 The start of another day at the European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM). Please join as at booth #47 for a coffee and an introduction to #Terbium161! 

One of the youngest companies in the nuclear industry,


10-OCT-2022 As one of the youngest companies in the nuclear industry, we will be present at the EANM this year.  Join us for a coffee and the latest news on Terbium-161 with Stuart Koelewijn & Philippe van Overeem!

Next step in the implementation


28-SEP-2022 A next step in the implementation of Terbium-161 into clinical routine: the successful delivery of the highest doses of Terbium-161 to Saarland University Homburg.

Second delivery of Terbium-161


05-SEP-2022 Our second delivery of Terbium-161

has successfully arrived in Australia!


Due to the high level of requests for our product we are planning another high activity production in the last week of September 2022.

First delivery of high activity Terbium-161


01-SEP-2022 The first delivery of high activity Terbium-161

was received in good order by the Saarland University Homburg!